ABOUT Mr. Sachin kedia

Dear Friends,


To start with, I Sachin Kedia would like to proudly accept that I am not a core Analysist, neither I am a big name in the Money Market, nor am I a Chart Reader. In fact, I don’t believe in these charts as to be honest, what they generally do is – Trick the followers. They give a buying signal at a 15- 20% rise and a selling signal at a 10% drop which is quite obvious and not a rocket science. Money control is an art and not a trend.

My underline USP is to follow & catch the trend as early as possible so that my clients can earn out of it and in return I get my share of Goodwill and praise. I just follow the FIIS activities and I am a hard core, dare devil and sensible trader. Since I avoid lucrative looking but decisive offers, “Follow Me” only if you are a dare devil trader. How to trade in MCX, NSC, BSC, NCDEX, Tips of NIFTY Future, Bank NIFTY future, Sliver Future & Gold Future - You name it, I have it.

I would not only give you tips on stop losses and targets but rather follow them and guide you when to sell or buy as the time is the key factor for money & share management. It’s obvious that stop losses are meant to be hit & targets are hard to be achieved. As my Tag line says- “Respect the profit & Accept the losses”. Profit is profit and doesn’t matter big or small.

Trading is not about how much profit you will make but it is about how much loss you can take. Don’t think about profit as everyone runs after profit only and ignore the losses and at the end of the day you “DON’T GAIN”. I am a trader myself and I think about how much loss I can bear today, If loss touch my target amount, then my trading closes for the day and that’s the secret of my success as every day is a new day and all losses can be covered the next day too. All I ask is for your trust and be a dare devil.

I just don’t give tips after tips but will follow up till the profit/ loss of that tip is booked. If you want to Judge me & my performance, Judge me on weekly or monthly basis and not on a daily basis or per transaction base. At the end of the week/ month, you would appreciate the tips I give and the profits etc. you made. I am sure you would like my way and recommend me to more people… All The Best !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dont worry for thE money YOU WILL GIVE US, as we will first make you earn this and then you deposit our fee in our account. AND THAT'S MY CONFIDENCE :) ENJOY!!!!

Sachin Kedia
Mobile- (+91) 98999 33005